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An innocuous conversation that fed an ingenious idea that spurred a television phenomenon.

Spring 2002, and just a few months after Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding's initial programme idea, "Most Haunted" hit our screens… and television was never quite the same again!

Three years, a century of locations, and a thousand screams later, Most Haunted continues to lead where no other programme dares to tread.

Thanks to that one discussion, this award winning television sensation has sparked a massive rise in paranormal investigations – and an interest in applied practical and supernatural theories that still exist today. Viewers continue to follow our own intrepid team in search of the ultimate question… is there life after death?

Each week, we learn of a property that feels it may be Great Britain's
"Most Haunted". Against a background of strict parapsychology guidelines and extensive historical research, each series and live investigation takes us tantalisingly closer to that, so far, elusive answer.

The search for evidential proof continues to grow further a field, as Yvette leads the team in to mainland Europe and the United States.

Some hit, and some miss – this is a show where no two investigations prove the same, and where everyone feels that they are there - sharing each dark and dangerous corridor, opening every imposing door, and wondering just what "Most Haunted" will capture tonight.

Every human emotion is laid bare as viewers around the globe share each frightful adventure with Most Haunted investigative team.

Hiding behind the sofa may be your only savour!


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